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Any Menu, Theme, Location... We can do it!
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Weekday Delivery Specials
Weekday Specials

Delicious & Affordable Menus! Includes disposable service ware, plates, napkins, forks, knives & condiments.

Weekday Delivery Menus
Bauerhaus Mobile Catering Event
Mobile Catering Pricing

Come experience Bauerhaus Catering for yourself. Let our award-winning staff help you plan your elegant affair.

Mobile Catering Pricing
Wedding Cake Catering
Custom Wedding Cakes

We create custom ordered wedding cakes, cupcakes, bride/groom cakes, mini cupcakes & pastries.

Wedding Cakes & Catering
Party & Wedding Event Rentals
Party & Wedding Rentals

Enjoy the convenience of planning from the office by choosing tents, tables, chairs, staging, etc.

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